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Q and A with you Child’s Doctor

We were privileged to be joined by three wonderful panelists for this session, Dr. Hannah Sharon Mills, a final year pediatric resident in Ghana, Dr. Jean Egyepong, a Neonatal Intensive Care Consultant and

Some questions that they answered include:

  1. My milk is not coming in. Should I just give formula or can my baby hold on till my milk comes in. It’s been about 24 hours since I delivered.
  2. I’ve been trying very hard but my children don’t eat their fruits. Should I be scared they will get cancer?
  3. When should I expect my child to outgrow bed wetting? At what age should I be worried?
  4. My son is 2 years old but responds to his name only occasionally. I’ve noticed he doesn’t ask for things he wants with words but just points sometimes. He plays with his older sister but doesn’t really say any words. Please I’m worried because his older sister was talking when she was his age. Please help me.

It was a very informative session which you definitely have to listen to!

Q and A with My Child’s Doctor


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